About my research!


I work as a research fellow at the Sea Mammal Research Unit in St Andrews, UK. My research interests focus in the ocean overturning circulation and the dynamics of oceanic frontal systems in the Polar Regions utilizing animal-borne technology.  If you don't know what I mean with animal-borne, have a look on the photo below. Photo of a CTD-SRDL

This is a miniaturised oceanographic instrument, which is about the size of your fist.  It is quiet clever and, once attached to a marine mammal, will record its behaviour and measures its immediate physical environment. Everytime the animal surfaces, data will be transmitted via a satellite system, so that I will get the data in near real time. The next video tells you how these instruments work.

I very much like this approach, because such 'tags' provide ocean observations, while simultaneously gathering linked behavioural and physiological information about the animals themselves. The value of this approach was clearly demonstrated in e.g. the SEaOS and SAVEX projects